Make-up for the Holidays.

I come across a lot of women who feel that they could never pull off a red lipstick. So not true! The key is to experiment...and don't get discouraged because there is one out there for you.

If you really want to stand out...try a deep blue red or like the model, a vibrant fire engine red. If you want to be more subtle try a sheer red gloss...for a softer version - fill your lips in with a red pencil (either a true red or deeper brownish-red) and go over this with a shimmery soft lipstick in a neutral or gold shade. The neutral lip shade will tone down the liner but still look like a pretty softer version of red.


Use very small portions of glitter and go for extremely fine particles as opposed to big, chunky pieces of sparkly pigment. Using a small brush, dab a tiny amount of glitter on the outer corner of the eye (after you've finished applying any other eye makeup) to give the eyes a pop of brightness.

Highlight the cheekbones using a powder with a nice sheen – mineralize blushes or iridescent loose powders work wonders. Don't use a huge fluffy brush, though, otherwise the sheen will spread too far down your face.

A lipstick with a frost texture is perfect for holiday. But if you're going for a frosty lip, keep the rest of the face toned down with semi-matte skin and less drama on the eyes.

Do not go overboard with the sparkle! Use the glitter sparingly –and with a very small brush.

Look natural.

There is a big misconception that nude makeup is natural, but there's a lot of makeup involved. Mascara is very important, Prior stresses. "Eyes have to have definition. And cheeks get a luminous blush with a natural flush."

Metallics are a neutral as far as makeup is concerned, she points out, so the dress and the hair are a great base for this neutral palette.