Women Tattoos

It appears that many women get tattoos when they've experienced some kind of major life change or crisis. Those changes can range from the death of a loved one to marriage to childbirth or a new job. This isn't really a new practice but is one which is actually goes back thousands in traditional or tribal cultures.

So what are the most popular tattoos for women? It seems anything floral, tribal designs across the lower back, fairies, unicorns, butterflies, and sunflowers are the go for female tattoos. Dolphins were the most popular tattoos for women, in around the 1990's but are a bit clich├ęd now. Tattoo designs are just like fashion and are constantly changing and morphing.

 A lot of women are starting to request larger customized tattoos on more visible parts of their bodies, like arms and legs. The ankle and lower back are common places for female tattoos, but the stigma towards women with tattoos seems to be disappearing so women are getting larger and more prominent tattoos such as chestpieces and full or half sleeve tattoos.

Women are also putting tattoos on their ankles and shoulders more so now than in the past, when women would get ink on their breasts or thighs. Part of the artist's job is to help the client select a design or location that will accentuate a certain part or shape of the body.

Women are generally more style conscious than men so are more discerning about what tattoo they want and where on their body they want it. Men mostly pick out a tattoo, choose a spot on their body and thats it.

According to many tattoo artists - women are much better than men when getting tattooed. Men like to think they are tough can withstand the pain. But when the needle hits their skin they pass out in the chair. Women, on the other hand anticipate the pain and have a higher tolerance.

Women’s tattoo designs are also less heavy, less aggressive looking compared to men's tattoos. They tend to have thinner lines, though this is, of course, a generalization rather than a rule.

Tattoos are much more that ink on skin. They are a way of life for many people. Body modification has been enjoying a surge in popularity in the past few years with body art becoming more and more acceptable in the mainstream.

A tattoo is for life, so be original in your choice of tattoo, take or make a design that has a special meaning to you.