Green Tea Benefits

The green tea it can prevent hair loss, eliminate dandruff, as well as overcome the irritation that occurs on the scalp. In addition, vitamin C and vitamin E in green tea can help strengthen and moisturize hair, so that our hair can become thicker and not easy to dry, fall off, or broken.

This fluid can be sprayed onto the face as a refresher.
Soak a cotton cloth into it and then wring it out. Paste this compress to tired eyes. The content of antiseptics in green tea can also be used to solve the problem of acne. Can also be used to soothe sunburned skin are depleted.


Masks of green tea is useful to eliminate toxins in the skin and make skin more smooth. Mix one tablespoon of mayonnaise with a tablespoon of green tea leaves. Once mixed, apply evenly to entire face, except eye area. Let stand for 20 minutes. Rinse face and pat dry.


Pour one cup of boiling water in a container containing 100 grams of green tea leaves. Let stand for 30 minutes. Take one tablespoon of baking soda and mix with green tea liquid. Use it as a toothpaste,is beneficial eliminate bad breath and prevent the arrival of dental plaque-forming microbes. The content of green tea poly phenols could inhibit bacterial growth to 30% and reduces the production of compounds capable of causing bad breath


Cate-chine and poly phenol content of green tea is useful as an anti-oxidant that can counteract free radical attack. Also able to reduce damage to skin cells so as to prevent premature aging. Green tea leaf extract can shrink facial pores, obscure spots on the face, acne and skin nutrition.

Alloys and Cate-chine caffeine in green tea can burn 4% more calories. Cate-chine green tea also inhibits the absorption of vitamin B1, thereby reducing blood sugar metabolism which in turn affects on weight loss

Benefits of green tea, among others, prevent premature aging, skin health care, prevent bad breath, refresh puffy eyes and slimming. Green tea contains a compound that is astringent that can help address and refresh puffy eyes and dark circles around the eyes.

If you’re having free time, green tea extract can be used for beauty. The trick, soak 100 grams of tea leaves in half liter of mineral water at room temperature for one hour. Strain into a clean container and place in spray bottle. Store in refrigerator.