Tips to conceive

To conceive, the best time is the ovulation period which falls 14 days before the periods. Before conceiving, a woman needs to change her lifestyle and prepare her body to get pregnant. The best time to get pregnant is 2-3 days before ovulation. Lets have a look at the tips to conceive or get pregnant.

Tips to conceive:

Check your date: Keep a track of the menstrual dates for 3-4 months. If you are having irregular periods, calculating the ovulation date can be difficult. Generally, an ovulation period starts 14 days before the coming periods which is considered to be the best time to get pregnant. Even day 14 of the 28 days menstrual cycle can help ovulate. Subtract 14 days from the menstrual cycle to get the exact calculation for ovulation.

Make love: One of the tip to conceive is to make love every alternate days. It increases the sperm count and quality. The best time to have an intercourse is during the ovulation period of a woman. Try to spice up romance to make the session romantic.

Reduce stress: By taking stress, you reduce the functioning of the reproductive system. Stress also leads to irregular periods and decreases the interest in libido. Workout to increase the chances of conception. This is one of the effective tip to conceive faster.

Avoid contraceptive pills: By taking contraceptive pills, you harm your reproductive system and its functioning. Hormonal imbalance can lead to delay in conceiving.

Take rest: After an intercourse, take rest for sometime. This helps the sperm to enter easily and not flow out. Sperms swim fast but few comes out so it is good to lie down for 30 minutes after an intercourse.

Change lifestyle: Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Nicotine reduces the ovaries functioning. By drinking or smoking, the chances of abortion or miscarriage increases. Also the fetus growth and development becomes slow.

Reduce coffee: The intake of coffee should be reduced if you are planning to get pregnant. This is another effective tip to conceive faster.

Follow these tips to conceive faster and have a healthy gestation period.