All about Shiatsu Meridians

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When you think about shiatsu massage, meridians instantly come to the mind. Even though many people talk about them, only a few know what these are. The ‘chi’ energy flows through meridians or funnels inside the body. Basically there are twelve main meridians and much has been discussed about their existence.
You can find many pictures of the human body with drawings of meridians. This helps in knowing about the location of meridians and practicing shiatsu massage. However, it takes time and practice to actually know the position of meridians inside you. It is easier to see meridians in theory than in practice.
Shiatsu masters suggest that you need to feel from the heart. This includes the mind and spirit instead of the physical organ. The chi stream of meridians can be traced when the practitioner moves towards a subconscious shift in understanding. This may take several years as the deeper you go, better will be your connection to the subconscious.
Nowadays, the shiatsu massage is gaining popularity as more and more shiatsu masters provide knowledge and training to people. Don’t think that shiatsu massage only consists of physical techniques that improve your health. It is also a way to understand the chi and meridians.
The existence of meridians can only get confirmed when you see them. Free Image Hosting

This occurs when the heart of a shiatsu therapist undergoes a subconscious shift. Till then, people can only speculate and talk about the location of meridians in the body. Only regular practice and increasing know-how about the shiatsu massage techniques will take you closer to discovering the meridians.Applying pressure to several points on the body’s meridian lines for beneficial effects is known as Shiatsu. This practice is closely related to Acupressure and can be carried out using the fingers, thumbs and palms. Like several other forms of massage, Shiatsu uses fingers, elbows, thumbs, palms, knees at specific pressure points to release pain and heal the body.
Shiatsu experts can diagnose as well as treat various kinds of ailments. This massage can be helpful in faster recovery from illness, strengthening of immune system, better circulation, building muscle and bone structure.
Developed in the 1900s, Shiatsu was originally practiced in Japan and founded on traditional principles of acupressure. In 1940, the Japan College of Shiatsu was started for initiating global awareness of this art. Today, shiatsu is practiced by many people for improving their overall health.
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Over the years, certain variations of Shiatsu have also become popular. The Grigorian Method Shiatsu combines joint movement with pressure points for preventing inflammation or related diseases as well as promote recovery and general wellbeing.  Another renowned form of this massage is Zen Shiatsu, which combines traditional concepts with the practitioner’s meditative state. This allows the masseur to observe your response to the treatment more effectively.
It is common to combine Aromatherapy with Shiatsu massage. This adds to the existing benefits of the session and must be performed by an expert. Just creating the right ambience is not enough to get good results. If you have trouble finding a Shiatsu therapist, buy a Shiatsu massage chair. This can be a comfortable alternative to the original massage but the results may not be as good as the actual therapy.
You can also find information about Shiatsu massage and therapy centers on the internet. If you want to get trained as a Shiatsu expert, look for acupressure training or shiatsu training venues.