Tea Tree Oil ,pure liquid gold for you beauty

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Have you ever heard of tea tree oil? Of course you have if you are visiting this website. My hope is that after you are finished visiting this site, you will have a much better understanding of tea tree oil uses than when you came here. You can learn how it can help your acne; be used in soaps and shampoos; clear up your warts and toenail fungus; and many other uses it has. It has been used for thousands of years, proving the test of time.

Thursday Plantation tea tree oil is one wonder gift of Mother Nature. Originally found in Australia, tea tree oil is full of medicinal properties that can transform your life. There are many aliments that can be cured using it. It got its name from the fact that it was originally used as a tea. But it was not long after that the world discovered its uses in every day life. Whether you are suffering from acne, dandruff, or infections in your toenails, tea tree oil is your answer. This entirely natural oil can be used to give considerable positive results in your condition. It can help you get better faster. Thursday Plantation tea tree oil has many uses, let’s take a look at a few of them:

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1.Be acne free: Almost all of us have suffered from the problem of acne sometime or the other in our lives. If everything that you have tested has failed, its time you explore tea tree oil acne relief. Yes it has shown proven results in helping cure acne. Even though the results take time to appear, you can be sure that no side effects ever will.

2.Get flakes out of your life: Dandruff can be very embarrassing and very hard to get rid of. Tea tree shampoo can be of great help. It has been proven that Thursday Plantation tea tree oil has been successful in fighting dandruff.

3.It also helps in curing athlete’s foot. Many researches have shown tea tree oil to be highly effective when used for a period of 4 weeks.

4.If you are suffering from cold, flu, sore throat or systemic fungal infection, tea tree oil can be highly beneficial in breaking up the congestion.

5.If candidiasis or vaginal infections are something you are your aliment then tea tree oil may be able to help.

6.It is a great agent when it comes to killing bacteria. Thursday Plantation tea tree oil can cleanse and clean your pools and spas. It keeps bacteria where it belongs.

7.Toenails and Fungal Infection: studies have shown tea tree oil as an effective agent to battle toenail fungus.

8. Various shampoos and soaps also contain tea tree oil.

9.If you suffer from bad breath or gum disease, then using tea tree oil toothpaste can be of great help.

10.Eye aliment and blepharitis have also been known to be treated with it.

11.It is also efficient in treating minor wounds, insect bites as well as soothe sunburn and ear infection.

12.A diluted solution is also used to cure fungal and bacterial infection for pet fish.

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Amidst all these wonderful uses, please do remember that you need to consult a trained professional before using Thursday Plantation tea tree oil. Using it in large quantities is not good for your body. Make sure you know the purpose & how much tea tree oil is needed.

Tea tree oil is usually pale yellow or colorless and has a very distinctive smell. It smells rather like disinfectant which is quite apt given it is very effective at treating bacteria, fungal and viral infections. It also acts as an immunostimulant i.e. it will help spur your immune system into fighting any disease or illness. It is particularly useful in those struggling to recover from dehabiliating illnesses such as glandular fever. It is one of the most important aromatherapy oils for those who are HIV positive as well as those who suffer from a compromised immune system due to cancer treatment or other illnesses such as ME. The combination of germ fighting but immune system stimulant results in a very powerful natural product.

As when you buy tea tree oil to use, it rarely causes an allergic reaction and it is non poisonous, it is a very effective oil for treating young children. It works in harmony with their bodies causing them to sweat a lot. You have probably heard it said that it is better to sweat a cold or flu away. This is what happens when you treat the initial symptoms with this oil.
If you suffer from cold sores, you will know how irritating these can be. They are very difficult to treat effectively and are not the most attractive to look at. They are also highly contagious. You can dab this oil on at the first signs of a stinging sensation that heralds the arrival of a cold sore. Some people will use it neat; others prefer to mix with a little alcohol such as vodka. Don’t drink it though.

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Lavender has long been a remedy for those who suffer from acne. You may get better results if you alternate treatments between Lavender and tea tree. They work in different ways but are compatible oils so you get maximum benefit.

A little bit of this oil goes a very long way so it is extremely economical and a lot cheaper than using mass produced creams and ointments for various ailments. A little added to some baby cream can work very well as a nappy rash preventative. You can also add it to the water you use to store used nappies to help prevent infection if you have decided not to use disposables.

You can use it to treat verrucae and other foot problems as well as colds, chicken pox and shingles. It can also be very effective in the treatment of genital problems and is very safe to use either by applying to the skin direct or via a bath.

A less common use of this natural oil is in the preparation of patients for surgery. If used prior to a surgical procedure, it can increase recovery rates and reduce the risk of post operative infection. A regular massage using this oil will help a lot never mind helping to relax the patient at a time of stress or anxiety.