Layered hair cuts

Layered hairstyle it's a style with unequal lengths. 
Layers make it possible to do so many different kinds of hairstyles. Layering is a simple technique that allows a hairdresser to create shape and texture. It is also very effective for adding more volume.

 Layered hairstyles are extremely popular with female celebrities and other women, too. 
You can choose to highlight the crown, just the tips, or one specific layer. The overall effect can yield beautiful results, with sections of color that radiate and catch the light every time you toss your hair.

A layered hair cut is easy on the upkeep. Although you will have to visit the hair salon every six to eight weeks to keep your cut looking fresh, other than that, this is the ideal wash and wear cut.

Modern layered hairstyles are often cut with a razor. This is done to get subtle transitions from one layer to the next. The difference between hair lengths is extremely gradual and isn't noticeable from a distance. Cuts with subtle layers look very elegant. You can actually have both a choppy look and subtle length differences in the same cut