Ankle tattos

Gone are the days when tattoos on a woman's body were seen as an element of rebellion. Now, tattoos have become socially acceptable, as people no longer regard them as a threat to their social norms. The credit for this, goes to a great extent to the famous celebrities who sport their tattoos openly in public and thereby have made it more acceptable in the society. However, the adorable intricate designs of feminine tattoos have played an equally important part by creating a craze among women to get themselves tattooed.

Women are generally delicately built as compared to men and hence, a large section of them loves to sport small and delicate tattoos instead of the large ones. Such delicate tattoos, with their sheer feminine beauty look really great on places like wrist, lower back and ankles. Ankle tattoos hold a special attraction for women, due to the kind of look and effect they create for the wearer. Now let's have a brief look at why the ankle is a favorite place for a woman to have a tattoo and also some really amazing ankle tattoos ideas.

Ankle Tattoos
As it has been mentioned already, women usually love to have lower back, ankle or wrist tattoos. These are the places, which are regarded as suitable for feminine tattoos. Rarely, a woman prefers a full sleeve tattoo. Such large tattoos are quite difficult to hide, which makes them inconvenient in many workplaces, where tattoos are not acceptable. But, ankle tattoos for girls are quite easy to hide and equally easy to show off. This is the reason why almost all women love ankle tattoos. In addition to this advantage, ankle tattoos look really adorable in a well-shaped leg and they go well with heels.

Another advantage of ankle tattoos for women is that they are usually cheaper due to their small size. Ankle tattoos are smaller than tattoos placed in other areas, and hence they require less time and money. However, an important disadvantage of such tattoos is that they can be really painful. As ankle is not a fleshy area, therefore, creating a tattoo there can be more painful than other parts of the body. Apart from pain involved in the process, it is more likely to bleed while getting inked on ankles. This is because an ankle is located at the end of a leg and extremities of our body are more prone to bleeding.

Ankle Tattoos for Girls
Despite all the pain and discomfort, girls go for ankle tattoos as they look really stunning, in spite of their small size. As the size of the ankle is small and it is a delicate part of our body, small and delicate tattoos compliment this place more than the large ones. But that does not mean that you have to select from a very small range of styles and designs. A great many options are available for those looking for cute ankle tattoos for girls. Out of them, fairies, butterflies, dolphins, love Gods, flowers and star tattoos are cherished by women all over the world.

Flowers have a long association with femininity and they can look exotic on ankle along with those slender beautiful tendrils. Butterfly is another cute ankle tattoo for girls and it can be portrayed along with flowers as well. Apart from their delicate beauty, both butterfly and flower tattoos are cherished for the meaning attached to them. Butterflies are regarded as a symbol of rebirth, transformation and freedom, while different types of flowers are associated with different meanings. As for example, rose tattoos are well known to be a symbol of love and passion, lilies speak of purity and cherry blossoms symbolize love and female beauty.

Dolphin tattoos, especially the curved ones, are also suitable for places like ankle. The curved dolphin tattoos are ideal not only for ankle, but also for places like bellybutton and shoulder. The image of this friendly and fluttering aquatic mammal is said to symbolize benevolence and abundance. Dolphins tattoos can be blended with both Celtic and tribal tattoo designs as well. Another popular option for ankle tattoos are fairies, which has an aura of mystery about them. Like dolphin tattoos, the enticing fairy tattoos blend well with tribal and Celtic tattoo designs. However, tribal icons can also be used alone to adorn ankles. Even kanji symbols and zodiac tattoos can be sported on the ankles to make a style statement. Know more about tribal tattoos and celtic tattoo designs.

No matter what designs you choose for your ankle tattoos, be careful to select the right color scheme. A wrong color may fail to reveal the true beauty of a tattoo meant for creating a lasting impression. You should also do some research about various tattoo designs available, so as to find out the one that would be perfect for you. Also, be sure to choose an experienced tattoo professional for getting inked. Otherwise, you may end up with a poor quality tattoo. Besides this, as ankles are a really delicate part of the body, a lot of care and precautions are required while creating ankle tattoos for girls, which can be ensured by an experienced professional.