Skin Premature Ageing Causes

There are outside factors that affect the speed of the ageing process – and these include stress which may include physical or mental stress. 
Diet also causes for speeds up the ageing process – poor diet, lack of nutritious foods, high fat and high sugar foods, over consumption of foods and irregular eating patterns also contribute to premature ageing. Alcohol is also another major causes in the ageing of skin – not only is this legal drug dehydrating but also lacking in nutrition.

Exposure to the damaging rays of the sun, are also another factor in speeding up the process of ageing the skin.
 Smoking is also another major factor in the premature ageing of the skin – it dehydrates the system and causes fine lines around the mouth
The  aged skin is sagging, due to gravity and the loss of collagen in the skin,  which in turn causes loss of skin tone and elasticity. Which in turn causes fine wrinkles that in time turn to deeper wrinkles caused by the above and the lack of moisture in the skin.
 Mature skin can been seen on someone 20 years of age or 90 – its not the age of the person but the age of the skin itself.

Slow Down The Ageing Process

**Using a high SPF factor sunscreen or sun block all the time – and wearing a brimmed hat to protect you from the sun – even on a cloudy day**•Drinking plenty of water to flush toxins out of the system and to cleanse the body – the aged skin is wrinkled mainly due to dehydration – water re hydrates the system

**Modest intake of food and a wide variety of foods will maintain an optimum weight and therefore slow down the ageing problem – the old proverbs – We are what we eat and beauty from the inside – are in fact very true.
**Eating plenty of anti oxidant fighting foods – ones containing Vitamins and minerals – for example green leafy vegetables, berries and oily fish.

**Reducing or improving stress levels to a tolerable level is a positive step to slowing that clock down.

The body’s supply of vitamin E gets used up fighting free radicals, thus requiring replenishment. Vitamin E can help your body retain a more youthful appearance by retarding the normal cellular aging due to oxidation. It can also help lower your risk for developing heart disease.