Medium length hairstyles can too emphasize your beauty without all the hassle. There are a myriad of medium hairstyle ideas out there just waiting for you to give them a try.

Subtle asymmetry is still very popular and if you're searching for a new sassy look with a bit of an edgy vibe, opt for a layered style cut with angled lines.

There are several short pieces in 2012 the way you choose, go to the one that suits your personality and characteristics and the police. There are many options, you choose what you want. For example, for 2012 fashion style government short asymmetrical haircut, layers of short choppy hair and short hair style  with rock and punk. 

                                                             Retro 50' Hairstyles

  You're looking for something classic yet contemporary? A chin or above the shoulder length, blunt cut or softly layered is a perfect option to consider.