Diet After An Abortion

After an abortion, the woman needs to be very careful in her diet to recover back soon. The operation can be small but the side effects on the body can be huge. Heavy bleeding, reducing iron and vitamin B12, B9 and B2, or riboflavin levels in the body are few health problems after an abortion. To reduce the risk of anemia and osteoporosis, the diet should have nutritional supply with more emphasis on iron, B vitamins and calcium. Lets check out the diet of a woman after an abortion.
Diet after an abortion:

1. Increase the intake of proteins in the diet. Adequate supply of vitamins and inorganic salts should be included to get iron supplement in the body. This helps to prevent anemia and have the nutritional supply.

2. Easy to digest food is a must after an abortion. Do not eat cold or greasy food. Also avoid eating inedible radish, hawthorn, bitter melon, orange to name a few.

 3. Fish, tender chicken, eggs, animal liver, meat, soybean, milk, dates, lotus seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables add nutrition to the diet.

4. Excessive sweating is a common health problem after an abortion. So, have 8-12 glasses of water daily. This prevents dehydration and constipation.

 5. Include protein rich food after an abortion. Protein supplement in body helps increase the production and count of blood cells. Eggs, cold fish, baked beans, bananas, avocado, carrots, cottage cheese, peas, oranges, green leafy vegetables and almonds are few protein rich food.

6. For non vegetarians, fish, shellfish, tuna, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, cooked dry beans and peas provides high protein, iron and B vitamins.

7. Low fat dairy products supply calcium and keeps you strong. Dairy products also provide proteins and vitamins.

8. Avoid eating spicy food. Include chicken or eggs in two meals.

Follow these diet after an abortion to recover the body from the contraception failure.