Poems about sister.

glitter fairies

Please Hold My Hand

Sister, please hold my hand
As we journey through this land
Together we stand, together we will fall
No matter what, God will keep us together
That will be the best of all

Sister, please hold my hand
Because without you I can't stand
For we were put on this earth for a reason
To go through every good and bad season

Sister, please hold my hand
As our strength, together, builds each other to become strong
So that our love for each other will last long

Little Sister

As I listen to that guitar scream
Sounds ring out my destiny
A stronger power grabs ahold of me
Shocks me with a volt of electricity
My intestance explodes onto the floor
Red blood begins to shadow my mind
Extacy brings out a whore
Her shattered innocence has made her blind

Dont cry little sister
I can feel your need
Youre not to blame for your indecency
Dont cry little sister
Its not your fault
That the demons within have tore your soul apart
Ill always love ya little sister
Youve done no wrong
Although the demons reach out to kiss ya
Never feel you dont belong

glitters fairies

My Sisters

My sisters I just can't live without
Sometimes they bug me
Sometimes they hug me
Before as children we use to play
Today we have our own ways
I will always have a big sister
I will always have a little sister
Although sometimes I wish I was an only child
I don�t know what I would do without my sisters
Having sisters means I will always have a friend
As I look back on memories of my life
I remember my sisters and all the times we had together
As I look up to my older sister
My younger sister looks up to me
Through good times and bad
We will always stick together
I love my sisters dearly and
I could not see my life without them

Who Is A Sister?

A sister is the one who makes life easier to live,
Whom you can share our likes and dislikes with,
She is the one who tells us her vast secrets and feelings
And asks us to do the same,
And has the rights to know all our friends' name.
She makes us feel comfortable when we are sad,
She guides us the right way when we are bad,
She is more than any word can tell,
She holds us when we tend to fall.
She comes to know our problems through our eyes,
She is of course naughty but wise,
She is my life's sunrise.
We should always make oneself full
of these qualities to be a sister.
And my Sister you are the most beloved to me
As you care so much for me!

glitters fairy

My Beloved Sister

Today, while I sit in my rocking chair to rest
Reminiscing the time that I loved the best,
In my vision I can once more see,
My beloved sister and brothers and even me.

The time of happiness that only our family knows,
Before the impending moment that maturity grows.
I am just reminiscing - they have gone their own way now.
Since then - my black hair has turned gray above the brow.

The house is still there - no noise anymore,
No one to pick on, no wrestling on the floor,
No heavy footsteps, no laughter or glee,
My beloved sister's voice no longer calling me.

Many years of our life were spent apart,
My sister and brothers to new nests did part.
Something went amiss one sad day
When my beloved sister left to go far away.

I may have some pleasures and leisure from care,
But willingly, some of my possessions I'd gladly share
If only my beloved sister I could hold near,
For one cherishing moment of that long ago year.


Everything you did or still do
No matter what happens
To me or to you
We will always make it through
It's Now or never
Cause you will always know
That we will alwyas be

Though you may think
And your heart may sink
But sister always remember
I LOVE YOU forever
Cause im your

So don't cry or weep
Not even when you sleep
Just dream happy dreams
Because life's not always what it seems
Girl remember
We will always be

glitters fairy

Sisterly Love

Your ear to ear smile brought joy to us all
As my sister you knew just what to say
When I felt worthless you helped me stand tall
Now you have gone, how I hated that day
I feel my life has been torn apart
You taught me how to be strong, loving and wise
I know you live on, inside of my heart
Though everyday a part of me dies
But when I think of you it helps me go on
So I thank you for all the love you have
I still can't believe that you are now gone
When you left you were so little and brave
Not only were you my sister and friend
But you always had a hand to lend

Sister can you know

touch life with the charm of soul
love as star shines
as the rain falls
love smiles
thinking about love
wondering if she love
is strong in brother heart
she said sweet talking man
you mister sweet talking man
yet the truth must be heard
watch out love coming
surrender try one love
close to find what brings
the sister to accepted the brother
walk talk love
feel the blessing
of the eyes of love on life
it about the sister with brown eyes
smiles that warm the heart
it about sister with the braids
about skin kiss by YAH love
just right the shade darkness
it a dream come to life
in sister of soul

fairies glitters

Little Sister

I never really new you, as you left when i was two
So sad, I can not even picture you
God had other plans for you
I guess he needed you

Imagine the things we could of done,
Played skipping rope, hand ball and netball to
Being older I would of won of cource

Even though there are four of us still here
The fifth is still very near
Little sister you will always be a part of us

God always takes the best
Heh you didnt have to win that quest

But for now, my little sister
In heaven, an angel sits and waits for me
Lets play these games now
The winner is best out of three

First Sister

Upon us Time does creep & crawl, under whose power one must eventually bend,
And ‘tis this poem a reminder of it, a reminder I do send

For it is to the Old-man-of –the-ages we all bow and must render,
Whose effect can form bitterness, or season some to be so finely tender

Thus, take stock today wise sister, to see thy life sublimely,
And I pray thee, you will experience it oh so divinely!

Moreover, though our contact too, is caught in slices of spaces in between,
I’ll always be grateful for a sister, a sister named Kathleen.

Glitter Graphics

Oh Sister How We Played

I used to play with pies of mud.
I'd place on icing of flower buds.
My sister and I would play for hours.
We'd pick so many of our mothers flowers.
Large pies of mud drying in the sun.
We played and played, Oh so much fun.
Where did those hours and days go to?
I miss you sister, that child in you.
As we grow older and life is rough.
I miss those childhood times and such.
Those times of fun and worries free.
I miss when you would fight with me!
But most of all I miss that time.
When days and hours were only mine.
Now life calls us to do this and that.
I'm tried of this large 'ADULT' hat.
Time Traveler I would love to be.
I'd take you sister home with me.
We'd play in mud and make those pies.
Mom would hear our laughing and our crys.
But we must stay here.
Grow old and gray.
And dream of those happy bygone days.