Angel Picture Real

Though we do not judge which angel photos and pictures are authentic and which are not, obvious fakes and those which can easily be explained are not included. Yet, inspiriational angel images will be included. You search the evidence of angels in this growing collection of photographs, and come to your own conclusions. For more information about angels, visit: Angel Information & History of Angels.

The sheer volume of angel pictures being photographed around the world may be the best evidence yet of angels interacting and intervening around us. Angel pictures could be verification of personal experiences with angels for some people.

Angels in pictures have been created by artists for centuries and have been depicted in our minds in so many ways – often times with wings. Angel wings are a metaphor that symbolizes a “higher estate” of being than mankind. Wouldn’t that also describe anyone in spirit? The place of spirit is a “higher” place than the physical realm. Also see: Angels In Early Christian Art.

Pictures of angels are found to exist within most religions; but what are angels? The English form originated from the Latin word, “angelus,” which itself is derived from the Greek, “├íngelos,” which means "messenger." The closest Hebrew term for angel is “mal'ach,” which also means messenger."

In the Hebrew Bible, we read and see pictures of angels appearing to people in the shape of humans; but of greater beauty - often not instantly recognized as angels. Therefore, angels must look like us – like humans. Some angels in the bible fly in the air; and become invisible; thus they appear to have similar characteristics as ghosts. They are described as often being bright and heavenly; encompassed by light. Various religions also tell of an angel named, “Gabriel” who serves as a messenger from God. He appears first in the Book of Daniel, in the Old Testament. The name Gabriel simply means "Man of God."

In the New Testament, angels are simply humans used to carry a divine message. The word "angel" often is used to describe people who are simply announcers of events, and their appearance is pictured to be human. In that sense, anyone who
delivers a message can be considered “an angel.” Are angels the same as humans? Are angels simply enlightened humans, thus distinguishing them from unenlightened, disembodied human spirits (ghosts)? Furthermore, the allegorical use of the word "angel" in the Bible (as a messenger) represents "thoughts" that are higher in idea and floating around in the "heavens" of the human mind. Is it then true that we are what we believe, perhaps capable of being the product of angelic thought?



Anomalies In Angel Pictures

Though many angel pictures appear to be real proof of the existence of divine spirit beings, some angel photos can be explained as being common anomalies created by cameras or environment. It is possible that angelic spirit beings manifest in our photographs as balls of light called "orbs," mists, apparitions, light or even as signs within objects. We are keeping an open mind, but while doing so, please allow us to explain some of the more common false positives found in angel photographs.

Orbs - round spheres of light in angel pictures that may indicate the presence of spirits, but can also be caused by flash reflection off of reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, metal and glass. Also, dust, insects, pollen, moisture (such as rain, snow or water vapor) can produce orbs that are not spirit in nature.